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Georgetown/Scott County Emergency Management Agency is  responsible for the coordination of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery efforts pertaining to major emergencies or disasters arising from natural or man-made causes. This is in accordance with State Statutes and Federal Laws. We provide a number of services important to community awareness and preparedness to protect lives, property and the environment of Scott County, Kentucky.  

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Winter Storm Criteria.png


  • Drip warm water from your faucets to keep them for freezing..

  • Keep cabinet doors open to uninsulated pipes. 

  • Have fully-charged batteries and flashlights on hand. 

  • Use portable generators, camp stoves or grills at least 20 feet away from home to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • Keep sand, kitty litter or salt in your car if you have to drive in case you get stuck.

  • Keep bottled water on hand in case of freezing pipes.

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